About Us

aSurePay is an innovative online payment processor providing unrivalled payment services to Australian businesses. Through our unique partnership with Australian banks, including an approved aggregator facility, aSurePay can provide instant payment solutions for its clients (and they don't even need merchant accounts).
aSurePay is an Australian owned and managed business, headquartered in Hendra near Brisbane’s international airport. With over 20 years experience in corporate banking and online payment systems, aSurePay has been specifically crafted to suit the needs of small and medium sized Australian companies. 
Through state-of-the-art proprietary software, aSurePay’s merchants can choose credit card processing, direct debit processing and BPAY, along with an abundance of complimentary services. These include a rapid front end payment tool, affiliate tracking and payment system, recurring billing processing, manual payment system (MOTO) and more.
With Level 1 PCI DSS certification and an uncompromised history of payment integrity, aSurePay is the perfect solution for any ecommerce merchant looking for a reliable payment processor to help their business grow.