Your aSurePay account comes equipped with an easy-to-use Virtual Terminal. This service lets you input your customer′s credit card details, allowing you to process phone sales, mail order sales and even take payments in person....MORE

Save time and money by outsourcing your customer support to aSurePay. Our 24/7 support centre provides phone and email customer support to individual aSurePay customers. ...MORE

Our hosted payment page lets customers 'Pay Now' on your website. This secure page can be easily customised to suit your design and lets you start accepting payments instantly without having to make your website PCI complaint....MORE

Collect payments without the hassle

  • Use aSurePay on your website to take payments instantly! aSurePay is a complete payment service so you don't need your own merchant account or payment gateway. Simply contact aSurePay to start selling online today.

What makes aSurePay different?

  • No merchant account needed.
  • Payment Gateway fully included.
  • Supports all shopping carts
  • No payment restrictions
  • Multi-currency payments

Product Spotlight

New SMS and Mobile Payments

With aSurePay's manual payment system, you can fulfill orders, make sales and process credit card details instantly ..MORE